home of the harristocracy


Author portrait

S J Harris is a cartoonist based somewhere in the Twentieth Century. His subject matter, language and dress sense are largely the result of too many old films as a child. 

Harris’s first graphic novel, Eustace, was published by Jonathan Cape in March 2013. It is a tale of salvation by corruption and has been described as ‘a clapped-out car pointed straight at a brick wall.’ He is currently writing a second.

Halloa, so that’s me. Welcome to the vestibule of my humble online abode. Mind the bootscraper, come in, pull up a large scotch and make yourself at home. Now that you’re in do have a poke around, if poking’s quite your thing. The library‘s just through there; only the one volume in it at present, I’m afraid, but manhandle a wing chair over to the fire and rest your feet on Stivvings, the butler. It’s all right, he’s quite dead. If, on the other hand, you wander up to the mezzanine you’ll have a fine view of the galleries where you’ll find Eustace lurking, and sundry others in due course I hope. The observatory, too, provides fine views voyeuristically of online chums and admirees, if there is such a bally word.

Good poking and happy landings … oh bugger, I haven’t added a landing yet; do be careful up there!

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